Yoga for weight loss: 5 main asanas

 Get ready to learn how to lose weight using ancient spiritual practice. Yoga not only disciplines the mind but also puts the body in order. Perhaps losing weight from yoga will not be as effective as with cardio loads, but it will be long-term. Do not underestimate yoga: changing static positions and stimulating internal organs activates intense fat burning. The asanas, which we have selected for you together with the teachers of the yoga studio and the practices of the Taste & Color project, involve all parts of the body, forcing the rectus and oblique muscles of the press, hips, and buttocks, forearms, and back to work. Try it! 

Virabhadrasana with twist

  • Stand on the mat with a straight back and step with your left foot a meter and a half. Straighten your leg, bring your heel closer to the floor, and bend your right knee to a 90-degree angle.
  • Push off with both feet from the mat, join your arms near your chest in Namaste, hook your left elbow on your right knee and push off from it, opening your chest to the ceiling.
  • With each exhalation, push off the knee more and more, bringing your hands to the center of the sternum. Feel how your back muscles and abdominal cavity are involved.
  • Breathe calmly for another 30-40 seconds, then return to a standing position and repeat on the other leg.


  • A standing position, bending at the hip joints and pulling the pelvis back, brings the hips to parallel with the floor. Twist the tailbone under you (do not bend your lower back!).
  • Inhale, "pull yourself" out of the lower back, lengthen with the entire spine and exhale; turning your left side to your hips, place your left hand to your right foot.
  • Push off with your hand from the mat and your shoulder from the knee, trying to open your ribcage towards the ceiling. Remain in this position for another 40 seconds, and then repeat on the other leg.


You are starting position - lying on your stomach. Place your hands in front of you, with an inhalation push off from the mat and, lifting your chest, stretch up, lengthening with your whole body. 


  • From the plank position, transfer your body weight to your left hand. Make sure your wrist is straightly under your shoulder, palm open, middle finger pointing forward, and the rest to the sides.
  • Push off the rug with your hand, push your pelvis up, and open your chest to the ceiling. Breathe calmly and stay level.
  • Maintain the pose for another 30-40 seconds, then return to the plank and repeat on the other arm.


  • Stand in a plank position, bend your elbows, fold your palms into a bowl, resting your chin on them.
  • Push your body upward from the mat in one straight line and bring your heels closer to the floor.
  • Tighten your abs and glutes; try to keep your body level.
  • Lift the left leg off the floor and place the metatarsus on the Achilles of your right leg, as if crossing your legs.
  • Hold this position for 30-40 seconds, then rest and repeat on the other leg.

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