Top 10 exercises to lose belly fat within 15 days at home

 At any time of the year, you want to look stunning. This can be achieved with the help of the ten most "fat-burning" exercises we have selected.


  1. Squats
  2. Plank
  3. Skipping rope
  4. Twisting
  5. Plie
  6. Forward lunges
  7. Raising the pelvis
  8. Push-ups
  9. Side bridge
  10. Reverse push-ups

Everyone is looking for life-saving diets on the Internet to get rid of the extra pounds that have accumulated during quarantine. Keeping track of nutrition is an important matter in the process of losing weight. But do not forget that you need to spend calories on sports. Otherwise, everything lost because you "closed your mouth" will return very soon, and even with a vengeance. And it is also worth considering that drastic weight loss has a very bad effect on the condition of the skin and muscles - the body becomes flabby and looks unaesthetic.

To say goodbye to extra pounds, if not forever, then for a long time, you should pay great attention to physical exercise. "KP in Ukraine" has collected the top 10 exercises for weight loss, which will give an effect on your work on extra pounds in a short period. And the illustrations will help you understand which muscle group you are working on when performing a particular exercise. We gather the will into a fist and start!

#1 Squats

Squats effectively pump your hips and gluts. It is important to make sure that the heels do not come off the floor, and the knees do not go beyond the toes. You can also complicate the task by making a jump after each squat. You need to do it every other day, three approaches 25 times.

#2 Plank

It is considered one of the most effective full-body exercises. Stimulates the abs, back, and legs, and also serves to get rid of body fat. To start it, take the "lying position". Inhale and exhale, then lift your torso, resting your elbows and toes. During the exercise, the buttocks and abs should be as tense as possible, and there should be no deflections on the back. Standing time in the plan is 2-3 minutes.

#3 Skipping rope

Regular jumping rope is a great exercise for fast weight loss. You require to begin with 1-2 minutes and slowly stretch to 10 minutes. Jumping can help you lose weight and also engage the muscles in your arms, legs, back, and abdomen.

#4 Twisting

They will help to make the waist beautiful and slender. Twist on your back and bend your knees. Lift your higher body, keeping your central and lower back flat on the floor in similarity. Hands are at the temples. The rise must be due to the abdominal muscles. On the rise - a long exhalation, inhalation - in the lower position. Do three sets of 30 times three times a week.

#5 Plie

Squats with legs wide apart. Pumps the buttocks and internal muscles of the thighs. During the exercise, you need to spread your knees wide and make sure that the body does not fall over: as if the whole body is squeezed between two planes and moves strictly up and down.

#6 Forward lunges

Effective leg slimming exercise. When squatting, it is important that the thigh, which extends forward, is parallel to the floor, and a right angle forms at the knees.

#7 Raising the pelvis

Helps shape beautiful and strong buttocks. This exercise is also recognized as the glute bridge. 

Lie on your back. Stretch your arms along the body. The palms are pressed to the floor, palms down. The legs are bent and pulled as close to the buttocks as possible. Feet and knees - hip-width apart. Lift your pelvis so that the body forms a straight line with the hips. Make sure that the emphasis is on the heels. Once you reach the top of your movement, tense your glutes as much as possible. Maintain this position for 2-5 seconds. It is noted that while the entire exercise the pressure falls on the buttocks. In the latter case, you are doing something wrong.

Lower yourself down slowly for 1-2 breaths, avoiding jerks and sudden movements. Try not to reach the floor with your buttocks. Do 2-3 sets of 15 times.

#8 Push-ups

The most relevant exercise for weight loss of hands. Many muscles are involved, benefiting the arms as well as other parts of the body. Beginners can do the exercise from a wall. Try to touch your elbows against the body. It is necessary to carry out, resting on the back on a stable surface with your hands. Performing push-ups, hands need to be brought as close as possible.

You can do push-ups from your knees.

#9 Side bridge

Straining the muscles of the abdomen and back, tear the pelvis off the floor, bringing the body in line with the legs, rest your forearm on the floor directly opposite the shoulder. Hold this position for 15-60 seconds (as long as you can!) And repeat for the other side. Tighten your abdominal and glute muscles additionally to keep your core perfectly straight.

# 10 Reverse push-ups

Great exercise for pumping triceps and removing fat from the armpits. To complete it, you need two benches. We install them parallel to each other. The distance between the benches should be equal to the outstretched legs. Turn our back to one of the benches and place our palms on its edge shoulder-width apart. We hold on to the edge of the bench with our palms. We put our legs on the edge of another bench and perform push-ups, bending our elbows to a right angle.

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