How to improve metabolism: TOP 10 ways

 Diet doesn't help you lose weight? Then the matter may be that your metabolism is impaired. The body is very complex, so any problem immediately affects the state of the whole body.

Signs of metabolic disorders

In case of metabolic disorders, the complexion may change, the condition of the hair and nails may worsen, weight increase sharply, breathing becomes difficult, it can throw up in heat or cold, insomnia overwhelms, dental problems, skin rashes, swelling, causeless pain in the joints and muscles appear.

How to speed up your metabolism

To improve metabolism, you first need to figure out what is the reason for its deterioration. And then proceed to its "promotion". Then the calories will begin to "burn" and not remain in the form of the hated fat.

Important tips on how to get slimmer and healthier, shared Svetlana Fus, nutritionist of the Zvazheni and Happiness project, on her Facebook page.

- The best way to achieve an ideal figure than sports and diet has not yet been invented. However, there are many simple ways to speed up weight loss and burn body fat faster, she said.

  1. Try to consume grapefruit daily. It is a powerful fat burner. It is enough to eat a few slices of this fruit or a glass of juice after a meal. This will help speed up weight loss, as well as muffle the feeling of hunger, even with a strict diet.
  2. You need to eat a lot of vegetables. They are rich in healthy fibers, which the body intensively digests, which spends a lot of calories, and give a feeling of fullness. At the same time, vegetables are low in calories. This is a kind of safe way to trick your body into not eating all the time. And vegetables are also rich in vitamins and minerals, which is also a big plus. Don't forget to eat before your workout. To feel good and not gain excess weight, you need to eat a light sandwich or salad with chicken and low-fat cheese one and a half to two hours before class. This will allow you to train harder and burn more fat.
  3. Drink plenty of water. At least 500 milliliters of extra water a day can help boost your metabolism by 30%. The norm for a person weighing 70-72 kg is 2 liters per day. The more weight, the more water you need to drink.
  4. During sports activities, you need to breathe correctly: inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. This allows oxygenation of the blood, which also helps to remove extra centimeters faster. It is better to start a workout with light exercises, and only then smoothly move on to heavy ones. As you know, active fat burning begins approximately 15 minutes after the start of classes. Remember to alternate between load, exercise, or sport. Then the body will not have time to get used to the intensity of the exercise, otherwise, it "learns" to spend less energy to preserve fat reserves.
  5. For girls, it will be effective to increase the intensity of classes in the premenstrual period. During it, the level of progesterone and estrogen rise in the female body, which speeds up the metabolism. This will burn even more calories.
  6. Good dream. An adult should sleep at least 8 hours at night. Because the hormone that is responsible for the renewal of brain cells and metabolism, as well as the burning of calories, is produced during the deep sleep phase. Therefore, good long sleep will help in losing weight.
  7. Go to the bathhouse or sauna. Such procedures speed up metabolism several times. Steam also cleans pores, removes toxins, and helps cells renew themselves. Just remember that not everyone can be in this heat. It is better to refrain from such procedures for people with hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis, anemia, and epilepsy. Massage increases blood circulation and therefore speeds up the metabolism. A contrast shower will also help speed up metabolic processes in the body. After hot, you should switch to cold, then repeat everything and finish with cold. This procedure will further improve the quality of the skin.
  8. Sex is good for your figure. During lovemaking, a lot of muscles work, and after orgasm, tissue oxygenation improves, the hormone toxicity is produced, which causes a feeling of satisfaction, reduces stress, and gives a sense of calmness.
  9. Diagnose the thyroid gland. She is responsible for metabolism, and weight problems can be associated with a malfunction in her work. Eat foods rich in iodine such as seaweed, apple seeds, and seafood.
  10. Minimize stress. When you're nervous, fatty acids are released and stored as fat. So the body protects itself, making reserves in case of a threat to life. Therefore, do not torment yourself over trifles. 

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