9 ways to boost immunity at home and without pills

We will tell you how to support your immune system with minimal effort. Immunity protects our body from viruses and bacteria. If not for him, we would be constantly ill. The immune system is influenced by many factors, including lifestyle, bad habits, and good hygiene. The state of immunity must be constantly monitored. You can't do without it. Of course, today, there are a lot of vitamins and dietary supplements, but in order to use them, you cannot do without visiting a doctor and taking a blood test. Therefore, while you are deciding whether to make an appointment with a doctor, we suggest starting with proven methods that do not require consultation and are available to everyone.

Deep sleep

A healthy body needs about 7-10 daily sleep. If a person systematically lacks sleep, then because of this, the effectiveness of the immune system decreases. This is why many people recover faster when they start monitoring their sleep. One of the most important elements of good sleep is melatonin. It is a hormone that plays a key role in the regulation of sleep. The hormone is a kind of regulator and stabilizer of all important processes and helps the body to function in a uniform rhythm. He is responsible for our daily biorhythms. To sleep healthy, you need to sleep at a certain time, while a person should not be disturbed by light and extraneous sounds. Therefore, it is recommended to use masks and earplugs for sleeping.

Pure water

Many do not follow what water they drink. However, this factor can seriously affect health. For example, medicinal mineral water should be recommended by a doctor if necessary, as it contains various salts. Self-administration of such water and consumption in large quantities can provoke heart and liver problems. You can't drink tap water either, because no matter how well the water utility cleans it, it still goes through pipes, from which it takes all the heritage and transfers it directly to you into the glass. In addition, sewage treatment plants, even very modern ones, are not able to completely filter the water from some important compounds, for example, from antibiotics and hormones.

Frequent use of pharmaceuticals, even in small doses, is addictive and can cause a decrease in human immunity. The best solution is to check the water in the laboratory and install a special filter, which is selected based on the deviations identified during the analysis. Filtration of water is a great way to protect your body from harmful substances and protect your immune system. Fortunately, there are a large number of stationary and pitcher filters available on the market for home use.

Sports activities

Sports are also indispensable. Scientists have long proven that a sedentary lifestyle harms the immune system. With active physical activity, the immune system will always work perfectly. At the same time, it is not necessary to practice daily. It is enough to devote to sports for several hours a week. If there is no time at all, then you should at least walk more, use the elevator less often, and do simple exercises every day. There are a lot of "lazy" workouts on the Internet for 5-10 minutes, which will not take much time and will help your body become healthy.

Quitting alcohol and smoking

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause a high risk of developing infectious diseases. In addition, ethanol destroys the cells of the immune system, severely disrupting its function. Of course, you can not go into complete austerity and give up alcohol completely. However, you should follow the norm and not overdo it with booze.

The situation is similar to smoking. This bad habit should be completely abandoned. Tobacco smoke harms not only the immune system but also all organs. Cigarettes provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases and reduce the amount of oxygen that enters the body to supply cells. This applies not only to regular cigarettes but also to any other product that contains nicotine.

Healthy eating

Scientists have proven that there is a huge amount of food that is good for the immune system. Try to eat more protein foods, including meat, eggs, beans, etc. However, fatty foods should be avoided. A variety of fruits and vegetables will also help the immune system, including carrots, spinach, melons, oranges, grapefruits, and even garlic. All these products have a positive effect on both the immune system and the entire body as a whole. In addition, if you want to completely abandon the use of any medications, including vitamins in tablets, a balanced diet from foods rich in vitamins and other useful substances will always save you.

Don't forget the sunshine.

Today, many do not even notice that their ordinary days are passing by the light of the lamps, but not the sun. We spend all day at home or in the office. But it is precisely the lack of sunlight that can seriously damage the functioning of the immune system. The sun not only saves the immune system but also helps in the fight against stress, depression, and emotional instability.

In addition, it is under the sun that the body produces vitamin D, which no one can do without. So get rid of the curtains and go outside as often as possible. In winter, you can buy vitamins or go on vacation to hot countries.

Hygiene rules

People who forget about simple daily hygiene often run into problems with the immune system. Therefore, you do not forget to regularly wash your hands, take a shower and a bath, and brush your teeth twice a day. Hygiene will always remain the healthiest habit. Without observing it, the body quickly loses its grip and begins to pass various viruses and bacteria.

Avoid stressful situations

Another "problem" that prevents us from sleeping well is stress. Stress always affects the body and overall physical condition. "All diseases from nerves" is not a general phrase. Without emotional stability, the body begins to vigorously produce cortisol, a hormone that quickly and easily destroys the cells of the immune system. That is why it is worth avoiding problem and conflict situations at home and at work.


Keep your home clean. Dust and dirt accumulate in the apartment very quickly, which we bring from the house. All this naturally affects the immune system. Do general cleaning more often, dust off, get rid of the trash, and make sure that your household breathes clean air. In addition, there are many technical devices on the market today that help purifies the air in an apartment. They are easy to use.

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