10 myths about nutrition and weight loss that are still believed 2021

10 weight loss myths

  1. Fasting is useful
  2. They get fat from porridge
  3. Green tea helps you lose weight
  4. Celery and grapefruit burn fat
  5. Apples help to suppress appetite
  6. Dried bread is healthier than usual
  7. The most effective diets are protein
  8. White bread has more calories than bran bread
  9. Chewing gum after eating
  10. Salads in the diet are the key to harmony

Many famous nutritionists, athletes, and nutritionists have been trumpeting for a long time: not eating or sitting on one buckwheat for a long time is very harmful. However, to this day, some continue to torment their bodies in pursuit of harmony. Perhaps their methods of getting rid of kilograms give the desired effect, but often cause irreparable harm to health. We have collected the main myths about weight loss.

#1 Fasting is useful

Fasting is believed by many to help you lose weight quickly. The weight goes away because the stomach is simply empty. And this cannot last long. Without eating, a person runs the risk of suddenly breaking loose and eating junk food, and even three times more. And also fight persistent headaches. Or faint. Besides, without food, thought processes are inhibited, and strength is abandoned.

Moreover, such a hungry "diet" cannot last long. And a return to the old diet will lead to the fact that the organism driven into a state of stress will gain the lost pounds again, and even with a margin.

- Eat 90% of food from the category: vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals, protein, healthy fats, and 10% of "everything" and be happy.

#2 They get fat from porridge

Most often, girls hear that carbohydrates are harmful and lead to fat accumulation. Cereals are a source of carbohydrates. But the so-called "slow". They are extremely healthy and contain tons of important vitamins and minerals. Such carbohydrates are only a "plus" and do not lead to weight gain if consumed in reasonable quantities and not seasoned with mayonnaise, ketchup, or butter. The main thing is to use whole grains, not polished, it is better to take wheat or hard varieties. And don't eat instant porridge, muesli, or granola. There are often a lot of harmful additives and sugar.

#3 Green tea helps you lose weight

Certain spices and citrus fruits help speed up the metabolism a little. Green tea also helps to lose weight, but if you like coffee, then drinking such tea is not necessary. The effect of this drink is not significant. It will be much more effective to go to training. But green tea contains a lot of polyphenols - substances that help get rid of cholesterol that is harmful to blood vessels.

#4 Celery and grapefruit burn fat

Fat-burning products do not exist. But some help speeds up your metabolism. And you can only feel their benefits in conjunction with training and proper nutrition. And there are no "magic" products. But there is nothing harmful in a small amount of celery or grapefruit in the diet.

#5 Apples help to suppress appetite

If you want to eat, eat an apple. If you don't want an apple, you don't want to eat. This is a completely wrong rule. Apples and other fruits do not interrupt your appetite and can even increase it. Better to have a snack with low-fat cottage cheese or boiled chicken breast.

#6 Dried bread is healthier than usual

Are crackers better than a slice of regular bread? This is not at all the case. Besides, store crackers can be even fatter than home-dried bread.

#7 The most effective diets are protein

With a diet low in carbohydrates, a person loses weight faster, but the effect does not last long. A healthy diet should contain fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Protein products have a strong thermal effect, that is, the body spends a lot of calories on their digestion. When losing weight, this is a "plus".

#8 White bread has more calories than brown bread

This is completely wrong. There are as many calories in 100 grams of a white loaf as in 100 grams of bran bread. But the latter is high in fiber and magnesium, which improves digestion.

#9 It's good to chew gum after eating

Chewing gum should not be chewed more than three times a day or longer than three minutes. If you do this longer and more often, then a strong secretion of gastric juice is read, and food does not enter the stomach. This can damage the mucous membrane.

#10 Salads in the diet - the key to harmony

Salads are low in calories, but protein and carbohydrates are also needed for a healthy body. Besides, oil or sauce is often added to salads. And this negates all their benefits.

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